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We value your privacy

Welcome to the HR Tech Privacy Center – a system discussing how online job search and staffing sites manage and maintain privacy. Please note that these brands include Seekerspot and its affiliates which are directly or indirectly owned by UPMARK Staffing.

We have designed this platform to help you get informed about our Privacy Values, how your data is shared between these affiliated companies, and why we need to share it.

Sharing data between sites allows us to:

  • Connect job seekers with a variety of jobs and employers.
  • Enhance and customize services for our users
  • Ensure security for our users

This data sharing is beneficial for both job seekers and employers. Learn more about us and find answers to FAQs.

The information provided here doesn’t change how each site collects your personal data. It is governed by the site’s privacy and cookies policy. If you are concerned about a particular site, we advise you to visit that site’s help center for further details.

Our Privacy Values

Your trust is our priority

Whether we’re helping you find jobs or great candidates, we value the trust you place in us. To maintain that trust we make significant investments to protect your personal data. These efforts are guided by our privacy values:

We are here to help you whether you are looking for new jobs or hiring candidates. Place your trust in us and we’ll safeguard your personal information. Our efforts are guided by our values:

  • Treating all users equally by providing a broad suite of global privacy rights. Any user can request the following:
    • Access to their personal info
    • Deletion of their personal info
    • Porting their personal data
    • Restricting or objecting to certain processing of their personal data.
  • We adhere to a privacy policy by design, which talks about how we build and operate our services.
  • We maintain transparency when it comes to collecting personal data and its processing.
  • We ensure that the personal data we gather will primarily be used to help our job seekers find jobs, our employers find the best candidates and improve our services.
  • We have limited the collection and storage of personal information to what’s adequate, relevant, and necessary.
  • We keep your personal data accurate, and up to date, wherever needed.
  • We process your personal data using appropriate security and confidentiality.
  • We demonstrate accountability and responsibility under applicable privacy laws.

Benefits of data sharing

Why do you need my data anyway?

Data sharing ensures higher numbers of employers, more job listings, and a pool of job seekers

Data sharing between affiliated sites allows job seekers to access a wider database of job offers and companies. Employers also get access to more job seekers. For instance, one site may recommend jobs or employers on another affiliated site. It will let applications, resumes, or job listings work across affiliated sites.

The sites can also share employer data, including account and behavioral information, to provide a streamlined experience for everyone.

Data sharing enhances our services

Data sharing allows our sites to provide personalized and improved content, performance, features, and services.

For instance, our sites use and share your job search or browsing history, and your resume or profile information to provide relevant search results and job alerts. It also helps in providing career insights including company reviews, job listing salary data, interview tips, and more.

Sharing will enhance the scope of data analysis, testing, research, and service improvement across our sites.

Data sharing facilitates better security

Data sharing helps us improve user security. It also allows affiliated sites to enhance security in internal operations. It also facilitates troubleshooting and detection to prevent fraud and spam.

Site Activity Recording

What do we do with the data?

Without data collection and sharing, our sites cannot work as intended. That’s why data processing, collecting, analyzing, storing, and sharing your data amongst affiliated sites, to third-party service providers, is vital. The data collected will include all of your interactions and communications on the sites. It may also include data from affiliated sites you visit, where you click, scroll, hover, mouseover, or otherwise interact with our sites, and their duration.

As the operation of our sites is critical, if you do not want your actions to be collected, processed, analyzed, or shared, you will have to cease using our sites.

Please note that the above information is not exhaustive, and is intended only to be used for general guidance. We cannot guarantee your account safety by following these steps alone.