Overview of My User Dashboard

The “User Dashboard” enables you to shortlist or apply for job listings that catch your attention and monitor them as you progress through the application process. In addition, you may receive notifications from the employer about the status of your application, depending on the job you have applied for.

How to view your User Dashboard?

To view the User Dashboard, either navigate to your User Dashboard page or click on your email address located in the upper right corner and choose User Dashboard from the drop-down menu. Please note that signing in to your Seekerspot account is required to view this page.

Unable to locate job listings you’ve applied to in your User Dashboard?

Kindly note that any materials submitted for job applications made outside of Seekerspot, via an employer’s website, cannot be tracked. Consequently, such applications will not be displayed on the User Dashboard of your Seekerspot account. To ensure that you keep track of all the positions you apply for externally, we recommend maintaining a personal record.

Features of User Dashboard 

Shortlisted Jobs 

To shortlist a job listing for later viewing and application, you can use the Shortlisted Jobs by clicking on the bookmark icon located within the job posting. Clicking on the bookmark icon immediately moves the job to the Shortlisted Jobs tab. Any jobs shortlisted using the website while logged in will be visible in this section.

If you wish to remove any jobs from your Shortlisted Jobs tab, click the X icon situated to the right of the job posting, and it will be removed from your User Dashboard.

My Applied 

If you are logged in to your account, jobs that feature the “Apply Now” or “Apply with your Seekerspot Resume” option will be added to the “My Applied” section automatically.


After scheduling a Seekerspot Interview, you can view it in the Meeting section, where you can manage and join the interview. Please note that only interviews arranged through Seekerspot Interview will be displayed in this section. Interviews conducted using other methods will not be visible here.

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