Dealing with technical difficulties during a Seekerspot Interview:

Device and Browser Problems

Before attempting to connect, ensure that your device and browser are compatible. While a desktop or laptop computer is recommended, it is not mandatory.

Seekerspot Interview supported devices & browsers such as:

On Windows devices

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

On Apple Devices

  • Safari

On Android Devices

  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Devices & Browsers that are not compatible 

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome on Apple Devices

Permission for Camera and Microphone

To conduct interviews, it is necessary to grant permission for accessing your device’s camera and microphone. Kindly redo the test, and when prompted, click on “Allow” to enable both audio and video. Refer to the instructions on your device for more information on granting access.

Video Issues

To prepare for the hiring event, you will be required to test your video, audio, and network connections. In case you are unable to view yourself in the video test window, ensure that you have granted permission to your camera (refer to “Camera and microphone permission issues” for assistance).

If the issue persists, you will need to perform a network test using Twilio. Do not be alarmed if you hear sounds as your microphone and sound output are being checked. If any of the network tests fail, the problem may be related to your organization’s network blocking access to our video platform.

Your next course of action would be to provide your IT department with the necessary instructions to permit your organization to connect with Seekerspot’s video interviewing technology. Then re-run the connection test to verify it.

Audio Issues

If the other party is unable to hear you, restart your device and rejoin the interview. It has been observed that on Apple devices if another app is opened during the interview, the microphone may stop functioning in Safari. If this occurs, restart your device.

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